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Competences in Education and Recognition

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CoRe stands for Competences in Education and Recognition and this projects is currently running in its second round. The CoRe 2 project focusses on the degree profile as a transparency tool for qualifications from higher education programmes.

The anticipated outcome of CoRe2 is a user friendly guide specifically targeted at the academic staff who usually write the information of particular study courses for the degree profile. The guide will consist of a single template for the Tuning Degree Profile and guidelines how to complete the degree profile, including examples of good practice and a glossary of terms to ensure a similar use of words.

A consistent use of the degree profiles by higher education institutions will allow for better evaluations by international credential evaluators and admission officers in their evaluations of qualifications. It also provides meaningful information for potential employers while recruiting a graduate and for prospective students who like to orientate themselves on a particular programme.

CoRe 2 is a two-year project funded under the Lifelong Learning programme and conducted by a consortium of ENIC/NARICs, Tuning and the Dutch Flemish Accreditation Organization (NVAO). Further information on project partners is available in the Partner section.

To read more about the objectives of the CoRe2 project, go to the section on objectives. For more general information please go to FAQs.

The CoRe2 project follows up on CoRe1. The first round (CoRe1) was designed to evaluate the impact of the degree profile developed in the TUNING Project (Tuning Educational Structures in Europe) and how it facilitated transparency and academic recognition within Europe. The result of CoRe1 was that the application of the degree profile varied so greatly across the different higher education institutions that there was no consistency in how concise and clear competences and learning outcomes were formulated. Hence the idea and necessity for round 2 was born.

You will find more information about the outcomes of the first project in CoRe1 section.