CoRe Projects

Competences in Education and Recognition


The CoRe2 project partners were:


The Dutch ENIC/NARIC, Nuffic was the lead project partner and coordinator of the project. UK NARIC  is the first project partner. The ENIC/NARICs from Czech Republic (CSVS), Estonia (Archimedes Foundation) and France (CIEP) were also involved in the project.

All ENIC/NARICs  involved in the project are active members of the network and prominent organisations within the relevant networks, and very much aware of ongoing discussions regarding developments in recognition.

TUNING Project

From the TUNING Project, the joint coordinator of TUNING, and three subject area coordinators for the subjects history, physics and nursing were involved in the CoRe2 Project.


The Nederlands-Vlaamse Accreditatie Organisatie (NVAO)  was involved in the project to represent the viewpoint of accreditation.

Test Partner Institutions

The following 9 higher education institutions from the Tuning network were involved in the CoRe2 project during the testing of the guide (phase 2) of the CoRe2 project: