CoRe Projects

Competences in Education and Recognition


The main outcomes of the CoRe Project were as follows:

  • Learning outcomes and competences as described in the degree profile of educational programmes evaluated from the perspective of cross-border recognition. Suggestions for improvements, phrasing, and terminology of competences recommended to the TUNING project for further development.
  • Further development of the methodology of international credential evaluation, specifically the international recognition of competences. This provided additional information to credential evaluators, admissions staff, and recruitment staff.
  • General observations and recommendations on the relationship between qualifications and competences in the light of qualifications frameworks, which helped to inform policy makers in the fields of lifelong learning, accreditation and quality assurance, as well as qualification frameworks.

A further recommendation of CoRe 1 was to undertake a follow-up project, to build on the findings of CoRe 1. Competences in Recognition 2 (CoRe 2) began in December 2008 and will run until December 2010. Information on this project can be found here .

Final reports