CoRe Projects

Competences in Education and Recognition

Project Partners


The Dutch ENIC/NARIC is the lead project partner and co-coordinator for the project. As one of the most active members of the ENIC/NARIC network they deal with a large number of international credential evaluations (ICE) and are active in developing new methodologies in combining ICE with accreditation of prior learning (APL).


The UK ENIC/NARIC is the first project partner. It is an active member of the network and has been involved in a Migrant Skills Project that links ICE and APL.

Assessment Panel

The Assessment Panel consists of representatives of three other ENIC/NARICs:
Czech Republic
All are prominent organisations within the relevant networks, and are very much aware of ongoing discussions regarding developments in recognition.

TUNING Project

From the TUNING Project, the joint coordinators of TUNING, and four subject area coordinators for the subjects Nursing, Chemistry, Business and History are involved in the CoRe Project. Their role is to provide the CoRe Project with the necessary documentation from 20 Bachelor and Master programmes, based on which evaluation conclusions will be drawn.

Project Advisory Board

The Project Advisory Board consists of the following people:

  • Two joint coordinators of the TUNING Project
  • Three members of the Advisory Board of the NARIC network
  • Three members of the Bureau of the ENIC network