CoRe Projects

Competences in Education and Recognition


CoRe 2 follows up on CoRe1. In this previous project, it was investigated to what extent the Tuning degree profiles, which characterise the output of the program, provided relevant information for recognition purposes.

In short, one of the main conclusions of the CoRe 1 project was that the learning outcomes presented in the degree profiles provided valuable information about a higher education programme that otherwise would not be visible from the Diploma and Diploma Supplement. This information was especially considered valuable for credential evaluators, specifically in cases of so called ‘substantial differences’ between 2 qualifications.

However, it was also established that European higher education institutions were experiencing difficulties in expressing the learning outcomes of their programmes in clear and concise competence descriptions and in presenting them in the degree profile in a similar way. The CoRe 2 project follows up on these findings.

The final reports of CoRe 1 provide more detail of the findings of the project.